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Kickstarter Favourites - Mobile Safe Case
Author: Creating Media Team

This week in the Creating Media office we have been loving the Mobile Safe Case. Although the product seems to be mostly aimed at travellers from the project outline, we think it’s generally a fantastic product for anyone with lots of memory (or SIM) cards floating about – they really do always seem to get lost, particularly as they are getting continually smaller.

As a creative agency we have lots of memory cards – from cameras, phones and more. They are always getting lost and mixed up, so a secure case to carry them in is just genius, particularly with the sticky, grippy pad just in case it does come open in your bag.

mobile safe case

It’s also from the maker of Frog Tape – a little surprise factor once you reach the bottom of the project description. This, and other projects on Kickstarter, just shows the size of companies using it. It is such a great idea to help companies of any size get products and ideas off the ground. In fact, we’re starting to love Kickstarter so much we’re trying to think of a project for us that would work on there – answers on a postcard?

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