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Kickstarter Favourites - Chipolo
Author: Victoria Jones

This week in the Creating Media office we have discovered a kickstarter that is absolutely perfect for us –Chipolo.

Every time anyone is off out to a client meeting, or milk run to the shops, or of out to post one of our lovely marketing cards, there is the same reaction ‘where are the keys?’. The keys to the Creating Media Mini are constantly going walkabout, and with this device we would be able to attach a little funky keyring and use a mobile app to ‘zone in’ on them, or even make them sound a horn. (The photo used on their kickstarter page is even a Mini!)

We’ve seen these sorts of devices before, but none have tickled our designer-y fancy before – Chipolo really is quite pretty as well as functional. Also, the functionality across iPhone and Android keeps the whole team happy, as we have varying alleigences.

They have already met their original funding target sixfold, so this seems like something that could really take off!

Our other favourite thing about the project – we love some of the innovative and different uses for the device (i.e. attaching to a pets collar – removing all that worry about them running off and getting lost!) and the ‘reverse’ feature – shake the chipolo to find your phone!

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