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At The Sharp End - by David Norrington. Raising money for Cancer Research UK
Author: Creating Media Team

Sometimes you hear about a project and realise that you have no option but to roll up your sleeves and get involved.

The vision for At The Sharp End – in aid of Cancer Research UK was created by David Norrington.

I met David, Onion Custard Publishing, through 4Networking over 12 months ago.  In that time I have got to know David pretty well and when he announced that he was putting together a book made of contributions from entrepreneurs and business owners I knew that this was my opportunity to become a published author.   David was looking for contributions of just 1500 ish words and I knew that I could commit to that and accept it as a challenge.

The idea for the book was already an excellent one and then David told me that the profits would go to Cancer Research UK, a charity close  to my heart following two of my closest friends getting, and thankfully surviving, cancer.  A terrifically important charity.

David’s expectations were that maybe 20 people would contribute, imagine the surprise when at the end he had 60 contributors, all on different subjects.  I  ordered my copy from Amazon (a REAL book, I don’t like Kindles).  Something about real books makes me just flick through and want to know more.  This is the perfect business book for me, I can pick it up and read a few chapters for inspiration or knowledge gain.  Having spent an hour looking at the articles it is full of such inspiration, sensible advice, real world guidance, honesty and experience from other small businesses.  It is a reminder that we all face roughly the same challenges and that there is advice out there – you just need to ask or look.

So, now I am a published author.  My article is about Branding; a subject that I am incredibly passionate about.  Without giving away too much (you need to buy your own copy please!), it is real advice for small businesses either at start up or further down the line.

Many of my friends and contacts have also contributed to At The Sharp End, including:

  • Emma Jennings
  • Maz Hawes
  • Michelle Clarke
  • Phil Terrett
  • Lucy Scott
  • Barry Watson
  • Steve White
  • Peter Maynard….and more

I am thrilled to be part of such an exciting project, excited to be a “published author” and delighted to be helping raise contributions for such an important charity – Cancer Research UK.

Go on, buy a copy, or two.  Click here to find it on Amazon.

To see how much money has been raised take a look at the Just Giving page.

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