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Creating Media client work - Lodge Farm Kitchen website
Author: Creating Media Team

One of Creating Media’s latest websites to go live is Lodge Farm Kitchen. Take a look at this brilliant new high-quality ready meal site designed through our sister company Umami!

The process started, as ever, by discussing what was important to the client. Lodge Farm Kitchen has had fantastic growth since they started in 2009, and have recently moved into a brand new purpose built factory and had an updated logo and packaging redesign to fit their new market position. They were in need of a new website to match this fresh new image, and aimed at targeting trade customers rather than direct to the end consumer. They were also very eager to have complete control, to reflect their constantly evolving and growing business.

LFK website

The designer used a hessian sack effect in the page background, as well as using the artichoke from the logo as a fun design element across the bottom of the page. The whole site used the client’s great photos of their farm, ingredients and meals to really promote the provenance of the ingredients and quality of the meals. As the product packaging is colour coded the product areas of the website are also colour coded to give a feeling of brand consistency.

The client loved the very first concept we showed them – a few tiny tweaks were made before the site was ready to finish off.  Everything on the site is client-controlled, though we pre-populated the entire site with text, images and the entire product range.

The website went live in time for the clients press event to celebrate the official opening of their new facility, and got brilliant feedback from all the visitors to the event.

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