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Lots of news in the smartphone world!
Author: Victoria Jones

So yesterday we had the big news that Windows are finally buying out Nokia – I have to say it hardly came as a surprise since the only phones that Nokia now make are Windows-based, and Nokia are the only phone manufacturer that fully adopted the Windows OS (Other manufacturers, such as HTC and Samsung, still use Android on the majority of their phones).

But what does the news mean? I thought initially that it would make it easier for Microsoft to finally make the jump from computers to phones – but then Apple have made that jump with no problem at all so surely it shouldn’t be so difficult for Microsoft? I’ve got to question the reasoning behind the $7bn deal – between Android and Apple the market really does seem to be tied up. I don’t think I know anyone with a Windows phone, most seem pretty loyal to their current brands (particularly the Apple fans – they will defend their iPhones with an almost religious fervour).

Hot on the heels of this deal, and perhaps as a knee-jerk reaction to get more column inches, Android have announced that their next version will be called KitKat. This runs in line with naming each of their versions after sweet treats, we’ve had Jelly Bean, Gingerbread and Cupcake to name but a few, but the first time the google-owned company has gone for a brand name. The deal with Nestle, though apparently not a fiscal one, will see the Android mascot appearing on chocolate bars, and the next incarnation of the Android mascot covered in the KitKat logo.

We’re always excited to hear the latest from the world of smartphones, especially as in the office we have a bit of a feud going on – Michelle is a massive advocate of the iPhone, whereas I definitely prefer the broader range of devices available on Android’s system.

Article by Victoria, who is now craving an actual chocolate KitKat

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