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The Illustration Awakens - Star Wars the Force Awakens Illustrative Designs
Author: Myles Dowd

One of the things we love, just as much as the work we do, is Star Wars. Being fans since young and the inspiration and ideas it gave us, we especially love the illustrations shown on the Design Taxi blog counting down the release of the new Star Wars film which we are all looking forward to going to see. Except Michelle, she’s not a fan, but does enjoy the graphics!

In our free time we enjoy some good old fashioned lightsabre battles, especially in the dark with our light up lightsabres. It makes for a wonderful light show! We do get the strangest looks from people driving by, but it’s too much fun to not do.

Haddon our Creative Director says “we love how they are flat yet have depth – intricate and detailed yet work in various sizes – the blackout line around the illustrations hold them all together. They each have their own distinctive signature style which is instantly recognisable.”

At Creating Media we’re passionate about Illustration. It’s an excellent way to convey often complex messages to make our client standout and be understood. Erick our illustrator, loves a challenge, take a look at our illustration profile here.

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We’d love to talk to you about your business & how we can help you illustrate your service or products. Get in touch today to talk Star Wars or design – we like both!

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