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Photography for websites - what if someone steals your images?
Author: Creating Media Team

In the age of over sharing through social media how will you know if someone has used your images without permission?


As a creative  design agency we work with clients to create engaging websites and an absolutely key part of that experience is the photography.

As part of the process when talking with clients we discuss their photography options, do they have existing imagery or need new. Is stock imagery appropriate and if so how can we ensure that it doesn’t look like stock!

Obviously we recommend using “real” images and creating a bank of photographs to use across brochures, adverts, websites, banner stands etc. Our Creative Director is passionate about photography and often helps clients to extend their range of images. We also work with clients’ choice of photographers, we just need great images to create the website!


So the question is, what if you have images and wonder if they have been used without your permission? Here are four top tips (from Design Taxi) on how to check:


1.       Google your name – do this and you will find if someone has used your images and credited you

2.       Set up Google Alerts – again, this will alert you to anyone that mentions you on the web. Now this may feel a bit vain but get over yourself, it’s better to be talked about than ignored!

3.       Use Google to reverse image search – this is super clever, you can upload an image through google and it will show you matches or similar images. Try it, it’s very clever!

4.       Use digital watermarks – perfect for protecting your images, understand where your photography is being used

You can read the article in full here, if you have a question about photography, websites or google alerts then get in touch. We’re always happy to help!

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