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5 Tips to start your week with SEO - Part 4
Author: Creating Media Team

This weeks SEO tips are a little later than usual, but there is still plenty of time to implement them in your strategy.

  1. Do NOT duplicate content
    Never steal content from someone elses site for a whole range of reasons – it is often copyright infringement, and is also bad for SEO (especially if you steal from a site that ranks better than you as you will be competing directly with them). Looking at other peoples websites can often be a good starting point for content but ensure that it is sufficiently rewritten.
  2. Always use image alt tags
    We did mention this back in our original SEO post but it is important and worth repeating, especially if you have an image-heavy site. You must remember that Google cannot actually tell what an image is portraying – so you must use image alt tags to let it know. This will help your site rank better, and help your images appear in the image search.
  3. Update regularly
    A news page or blog within your site is the best way to ensure your website still looks current and relevant. How many times in your own search have you ignored a website where the news hasn’t been updated in over a year? It makes a site look dead and forgotten, for Google as well as users. Google favours regularly updated sites over stale old sites with infrequent updates. It also takes into account the scale of the updates, so be sure to refresh your site completely once in a while.
  4.  Watch those outbound links!
    It is best not to link out to too many external sites, but when you do make them count! Make sure they are relevant and well-respected websites for your field.
  5. Also watch those internal links!
    For internal links, use as many as seems sensible. These help Google crawl your website quickly and thoroughly, as well as pointing users to other relevant pages.

As always, Creating Media are here to clear up any confusion about any of these tips and how to implement them on your site. Give us a call on 01291 423 234 or email us on to see how we can help you improve your SEO and website.

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