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Wales True Taste Awards Scrapped
Author: Victoria Jones

As a business based in Wales, and an office full of foodies, we were quite surprised this week to discover that the Wales True Taste Awards are being scrapped this year.

The aim of the awards was to reward businesses which create delicious Welsh ingredients, or great dishes using those ingredients. Here in Monmouthshire we had our fair share of winners last year, from preserve makers to poultry farmers, and a thriving local food scene.

I can’t quite understand the reason for the schemes demise – from reading the statement released by the Welsh Assembly Government they seem to be concentrating more on working on the Welsh food identity to market and promote to an audience further afield, rather than just rewarding it within the country. This has got to be admired, and I’m glad that at least certain sectors seem to be searching for ways to grow by looking away, rather than within.

Wales, or any country in fact, needs to export to places with greater wealth to better themselves, and when you have great things to export you should always make the most of your assets. Who can argue that Welsh lamb is probably the best in the world, or with the high quality of the seafood (and that’s before we get on to the fantastic small producers of things like jams, craft beers, chocolates, pies and bread).

Written by Victoria, eating Bread of Heaven

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