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Logo and website design for Club Social Junction
Author: Creating Media Team

Barry Watson from Chepstow based Club Social Junction commissioned the Creating Media team to firstly provide a logo brand identity to represent the new social media platform and then to design the main website home page. The visual for the Club Social Junction was created using 3D rendering design to create the visual of a library, university, clubhouse and community. The brief from Barry Watson was very detailed and clearly he had a vision that the Creating Media then expanded and turned into web suitable graphics.
The logo design needed to provide a strong visual identity that could be used as an icon alone on social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook etc. To start with, four logo designs were presented to the team at the Chepstow office. One was a clear favourite and it was then further refined to deliver the final result. The project took under two weeks and the client is delighted. The feedback from their clients has been very positive and the logo is now easily recognised and suits the many applications needed. The “mark” / icon represents the four arrows pointing to the centre which is the Social Media junction, the four roads are to the key buildings, the encompassing circle represents the platform as an inclusive solution.
The colours chosen represent blue for social media (think Facebook, Linked In, Twitter), the grey means business and the orange depicts the fun side of social media!

So what is Club Social Junction?

  • FULL access to a growing online internet community
  • Get your Social Media Strategy in order and working for you
  • Social Media Training Academy – learn at your own pace with a variety of interactive tools; videos, training modules, e-books and much more!
  • Get help – ask your peers and the experts in our Social Media Community Forum
  • Research – find out everything you wanted to know about Social Media (and more
  • Have some fun – and put into practice the things you have learned by networking with the other members in our Clubhouse…win prizes too!
  • 14 Days FREE Trial – click here now to find out more

Michelle Dalley from Creating Media is an active member of  Club Social Junction and finds the information available invaluable to the fast changing social media world.

Club Social Junction is the first place I go for social media advice and information; I use it daily. The articles are informative and constantly updated. Previously I would have had to hunt around the web looking for answers. Now I head straight to the Club Social Junction University and Library, like life I tend to then find myself in the Clubhouse or hanging out with the online community!”

For newcomers to social media click this link to get an excellent free download or a free 14 day Club Social Junction trial.
Creating Media are thrilled to be involved in the design work for such a ground breaking local, national and international new business. We look forward to being an active member of Club Social Junction and adding this project to our Monmouthshire based design portfolio.

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