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5 Tips to start your week with SEO - Part 6
Author: Creating Media Team

Hope you all had a brilliant weekend and are ready for another week! To kick off, here is another set of 5 SEO tips

  1. Always use Ts&Cs and Privacy Policy
    Google uses these as small factor in gauging a websites trust and legitimacy, so ensure you include them. Also remember that these can be legally binding, so make sure you are happy with everything included within them!
  2. Avoid Server Downtime
    If your site has an awful lot of server downtime it can affect your ranking.
  3. Leave a breadcrumb trail
    If you have a large site with lots of subpages, then definitely consider ‘breadcrumb navigation’. You would recognise this, particularly from e-commerce sites, where it shows you the route you have taken through categories and subpages at the top of the screen.
  4. Consider responsive design or a mobile site
    Google has officially announced it favours sites which work across multiple platforms and screen resolutions – so ensure you consider responsive design or a mobile website!
  5. If video is appropriate for your business, make sure you utilise it!
    Youtube results are given their own tab in Google, and given preferential treatment in the normal Google result pages. This means it is an excellent opportunity to help your business get found, and a great visual channel to include on your website. Try and do a few product demos, a ‘meet the team’ video, an occasional vlog or some other creative use of video.

If you need help with implementing any aspects of SEO or website improvements then be sure to contact us at Creating Media! We’re happy to help and always ready to answer phonecalls to 01291 423 234 or emails at!

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