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5 Tips to start your week with SEO - Part 7
Author: Creating Media Team

SEO doesn’t have to be scary – even on the week of Halloween! Find our latest SEO tips below.

  1. Keep visitors on your site
    If your site has a very high bounce rate, or very low visit length, then Google takes this as a signal and could reduce your ranking as a result.
  2. Encourage external reviews
    Google has actually admitted that it uses reviews from third-party sites as a signal of legitimacy and quality. Google+ is obviously the best place to focus your efforts, but FreeIndex and Yelp are also good places to encourage reviews.
  3. Use Analytics
    Though it’s never been definitively proven that having Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools on your website definitely helps your ranking, there are strong rumours that it does. This may be because it allows Google to get much more accurate information about your visitors numbers, bounce rates etc. At the very least, Analytics is an incredibly useful tool to focus your own marketing.
  4. Try to get some high-quality backlinks
    Ensuring that sites which link to you also follow these SEO rules, have a good PageRank, strong social media and similar keywords help these links boost your own sites profile. Likewise, links from disreputable or spammy sites can damage your ranking.
  5. Get backlinks from a variety of places
    If all of your backlinks come from guest blogs or forums this will send a message to Google. Ensure you have a good spread of backlinks from a variety of sources, including directory listings, social media, forums and of course those all-important quality backlinks from other experts in and around your field.


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