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Do I have your attention? If so which sort of attention is it?
Author: Michelle Dalley

Earlier today in the office, we were discussing this interesting article about how our attention spans are changing and the impact on marketing approaches.  Simply put our attention spans are divided into three styles, used at different stages throughout the day:

1.    Selective – when we choose one stimulus over another.

2.    Divided – when we divide our attention between various stimuli, i.e. talking on the phone and checking social media.

3.    Sustained – when we truly focus on a particular stimuli, such as reading a book. Undistracted.

There are no great surprises that the main reason for our shortened attention span is attributed to the digital world that we now live in.  In fact I am typing this blog while sort of listening to and watching Euro 2016 Germany v France. I guess that is divided attention!

One of the outputs of our shorter attention spans can often be seen when looking at Google Analytics for our clients.  Checking the bounce rate, time on site, page views and behaviours.  Everything is pointing toward the importance of communicating your message clearly, simply and with a strong call to action – what do you want people to do? Fill in a form, sign up for an event? Tell people, make it easy for them to move on having gained what they need from your website before moving on to something new.

Anyway, I think that you are probably just scanning this blog, so why not click over and read the blog in full on the Huffington Post.

If you think that your marketing message needs boiling down in to a more succinct message then we should talk.  We’re big believers that a terrific infographic can cut through pages of words to communicate an often complex message beautifully and simply. Get in touch to see some examples.

Blog by Michelle – inspired by Finding Dory… ooo – shiny! 

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