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Creating Media Work - Breweld
Author: Creating Media Team

Creating Media have been working on the new website for Breweld. Breweld are wonderful local business – highly specialised welders for the food and drink industry, particularly creating brewhouse set-ups and bottling plants.

We took the idea of the welding sparks to make the background of the site, and then used what is known as a ‘fixed’ background, allowing the content to scroll while the background image stays still. We used a classy white-on-black theme, which works really well with the sleek images of shiny metalwork and welding.

breweld website design

During the course of the project, the client got very busy with new contracts, and started regularly working on overseas projects. While this was very exciting, it did mean that the last few stages of the project went a little slower than our usual pace, but we still cracked on and got the website finished and made live.

The website is now live at – take a look and let us know what you think!

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