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Creating Media Kickstarter Favourites - Submarine Sandwich
Author: Victoria Jones

Pes’s films are quirky and creative, taking normal every-day objects and showing them in a completely new way. My personal favourites are ‘Game Over’ which uses objects to recreate vintage 8-bit video games and ‘The Deep’ which recreates a creepy underwater scene using bits of scrap metal and old tools, but I also love his ‘cooking films’ where he shows meals being created from decidedly inedible ‘stuff’.

He has already created two films in this style, ‘Western Spaghetti’ and ‘Fresh Guacamole’, which have both gone viral and even inspired a series of recent adverts by OXO (and probably the larger trend of stop-motion animation in TV adverts at the moment… John Lewis, Kwik-Fit, Moleskine, Hellmans… they’re all at it)

His next films looks like it’s going to be bigger and better than his previous films, and is set to have a great setting of an old-school New York deli – complete with vintage equipment. However – the deli meats, cheeses and breads are set to be replaced by vintage sports equipment, giving the whole production a great worn-in feel.

Obviously at the moment we have a very limited idea of what will actually be happening, but the production shots and preview clips so far look fantastic! I love that the ‘ingredients’ all have a theme as well, rather than just being random objects, and the whole vintage feel is right up my street.

To take a look at more details about this latest project, check out the Kickstarter, or watch more of Pes’s work on his Youtube channel

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