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Kraken Rum Tentacles
Author: Victoria Jones

Over the weekend, during the ‘Festival No. 6’ food festival at Portmeirion in North Wales (Nice little reference to The Prisoner there…) a 30 foot tentacle washed up on the beach.

This mysterious occurrence was actually part of a (fantastic!) marketing stunt by Kraken Rum as part of the festival – where they served up pieces of ‘kraken tentacle’ which were actually rich fruit cake soaked in the rum. The staff at the event were dressed in old fashioned diving suits – as fully suited ‘kraken hunters’. The whole things just sounds like a really great idea carried out really well as a marketing campaign. Check out more pictures from the campaign on Design Taxi.
Clever marketing is always a great way to attract attention and build up a buzz around the business – just check out our own mailshot-with-a-twist from sister brand Umami. Doing things a little differently will set you apart from the crowd.
Article by Victoria, fully qualified Kraken hunter

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