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5 Tips to start your week with SEO - Part 5
Author: Creating Media Team

Welcome to another Monday and another week! As always, the team at Creating Media are raring to go, and have carefully selected a few more top tips for improving your SEO.

  1. Check your links aren’t broken
    It’s worth checking your content for broken links every now and then, especially if you link out to external sites which may have gone down or changed address. There are plenty of tools to do this online, just google ‘broken link checker’
  2. Check for code errors
    While you’re checking for broken links, also check for broken code using the W3C validator – one or two errors shouldn’t be cause for concern but lots may be an issue. However, it is worth noting that this is becoming a much less important signal, especially if you have a modern site making use of the latest techniques and functionality, as W3C standards were set some years ago.
  3. Keep your URLs as short as possible.
    Not only does Google favour short URLS (the page part as well as the actual website domain) it also makes it easier for visotrs to remember and instantly access the page they are after.
  4. Always add sitemaps
    Sitemaps help visitors and google navigate your site, particularly if you have lots of hidden pages that don’t appear in the main navigation. Ensure you have both HTML and XML versions, as humans and robots prefer different formats!
  5. Write useful content!
    Though this is a pretty broad term (especially for a business rather than, for example, a fansite, tutorial or wiki) try to add some useful and unique content to your site. A blog is a perfect way to do this, and share just enough of your expertise to demonstrate your expertise in your field.

As always, the team at Creating Media are here to help you with any of your SEO or website queries. Give us a call on 01291 423 234 or email the team at

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