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We recommend widespread password changes following worldwide security bug
Author: Creating Media Team

Creating Media are advising all of our clients to change their passwords as soon as possible, following a huge security leak in one of the worlds most prominent password encryption services.

The bug – known as ‘Heartbleed’ is suspected of harvesting passwords over the last 2 years from any site using OpenSSL (these include Yahoo, Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Facebook) – so be sure to go back through any service you may have used and change your passwords. Focus on banking, email and any sites containing sensitive data first, before moving on to social media and shopping sites.

Also, security firms are recommending that you use more secure passwords (i.e. random characters not recognisable words) and vary your passwords between different services.

For more detailed information on the Heartbleed bug take a look at the BBC news article, and take a look at the infographic below for some key password do’s and dont’s

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