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Creating Media Team's favourite brands - Victoria's Choice
Author: Victoria Jones

Victoria’s Choice – Lush

At Creating Media we always say that brand is more than just logo – it is the values that a company chooses and the whole experience their customers have. In my opinion, no brand does this more comprehensively than Lush Cosmetics. They have strong ethics for a cosmetics company, and carry these throughout their product range.

No product in any of their shops is sold if it is over 3 months old (they donate t
hem out for free after this to neighbouring shops, staff, friends and family.), no products or ingredients are tested on animals, all products are vegetarian, many are vegan, all feature all-natural and sustainable active ingredients.

The shops themselves are designed in such a way that they are often sustainable themselves – our local store in Cribbs Causeway even achieved an SKA Gold rating for the sustainability of its design.

They also heavily promote recycling – all their packaging is made from recycled and reused materials and they even give you a free facemask if you take back 5 of their used pots back to any shop for them to re-use.

I love the message behind their ethics, I love their commitment to charity, and I love the real passion that their staff have for the products and the brand – which really shines through when you visit their shops. They have been named one of the best companies to work for many times, and for good reason. They even throw a music festival in the summer for their staff, and all staff get free spa treatments at the Lush Spas peppered through the country.

When you look at their visual brand of Lush, it is actually all very basic – just block black with white writing in wither a handwritten font or block capitals. This simple look allows the ethics and products to take centre stage.

I could gush all day about how much I love Lush for a whole host of reasons but it essentially boils down to a consistent brand culture of natural ingredients, quality products, great ethics and fantastic customer service. This is why they are one of my all-time favourite brands.

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