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Brands in 2016 - this time it's personal!
Author: Creating Media Team

Everyone at Creating Media wishes you a Happy New Year! And with a shiny new year, it means we are looking forward to exciting new trends in design and marketing for the coming year...

It has been an ongoing trend for several years – brands have been becoming more and more personal. 2016 will be the year that all brands will be expected to be more focused on a personalised, friendly brand experience for all users.

Some great examples of brand utilising great personalisation are the famous Coca Cola named bottles – it’s touching an individual out there and giving them a special, personalised experience.

Great use of social media can also be key to an individual experience – we all have our favourite brand on social media who respond to the public with a great sense of humour or touching personal message.

2016 is the year to follow where the big companies have paved the way, and make your business more personable and unique. You have a personality, why shouldn’t your brand?!

Some important first steps to consider:

  • What language does your brand use? For example, is filled with slang and ‘bants’, or grammatically correct? Do you use long, technical terms or not? Think about how your target audience would speak when deciding this - the language you use should be their language. All output from your company should be in the same style – your company brochure, email tone, and social media should all feel consistent.
  • What steps does a client take to engage your services or purchase your product? Think about your customer journey and how this can be improved.
  • Outside of your main company offering, what sets you apart from other competitors? Do you work with the local community, have any charity links, have a special in-house policy for anything? I hate the phrase ‘corporate social responsibility’ because that makes it sound like something you’re doing because you have to – but what are you doing because you want to?
  • Once you’ve decided on what your brand should be, the next step is to assess how well you are already communicating that through your all-important visual brand and marketing materials. Does all of your marketing output (i.e. your logo, website, social media, plus any printed materials) all remain consistent and on-point with your core brand message? Is it time to revisit any aspects?

If you need help brainstorming your brand, or redeveloping any aspect of your marketing, then speak to the team at Creating Media. We can help you make your brand 2016-ready!

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