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What's the fracking problem?
Author: Victoria Jones

Here at the office we’ve been ogling this lovely website this morning – it’s like a huge, interactive infographic all about the dangers of fracking.

It’s all done in a beautiful, contemporary graphic style, using blocks of simple colours and quite a limited palette. This keeps it fresh and engaging, despite being quite a technical and boring subject.

As you scroll up and down the website little icons ‘stick’ to the top of your view, giving the main facts in little bitesize chunks, a great way to remind you of what you’ve read and cement the facts.

The best part is that all this style doesn’t come at the expense of usability or SEO – as one long page there is no navigation to negotiate, just scrolling, and all the text is still actual text, as opposed to images containing text, so the google robots and spiders can still read the site. However, as one long page it carries less weight than a multiple-page website, and they’ve missed out some important stuff like image descriptions and meta descriptions – these just make it easier for the google bots to know what is one your site, as they obviously can’t see pictures.

On the subject of fracking, we here at the office really do have a green, environmental ethics at heart. Fossil fuels are getting harder to reach all the time as supplies run low, I mean, they literally have to make explosions 10,000 feet below ground to get at this natural gas. It’s time to really look at alternatives now; it’s obvious that the standard fossil fuels are running out. And that’s before we get on to the toxins and acids pouring into the drinking water supplies… All in all I don’t really understand the appeal of fracking.

Article by Victoria, abso-fracking-lutely

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